Our Ubud location is not only truly relaxing, but also entertaining.  We have 3-4 rice harvests every year which allows us to enjoy the sight of full grown rice, the cultural enrichment of watching local farmers harvesting that beautiful fresh rice, and the fun of watching hundreds of ducks feeding on the left over fallen rice after a harvest. What an inspiring sight!! This location will surely give you a view of real rural life on “The island of the gods”– BALI.

Apart from the fact that bamboo is such an amazing and beautiful building material, the most important reason to build with bamboo is that it’s very eco-friendly. It’s eco-friendly because it is a member of the grass family and grows very rapidly.  So like grass, the day you cut bamboo it naturally grows again without need for replanting.  In that spirit, we say live earth friendly and GO GREEN! GO BAMBOO!

You may choose to stay in the Opera Hut with it’s front roof angles resembling an opera house and it’s back structure looking like an African hut.  Or you may choose to stay in The Leaf where the gentle breeze hits the surface of it’s cool pond, naturally bringing a gentle refreshment into the open air room to cool it ecologically.  No matter which room you choose, we know you will enjoy your stay at Le Sabot Ubud!